Beautifully designed and perfectly fragrant, everything about Enticing Candles is focused towards putting a smile on your face. Take a look.


Enticing Candles was born out of the desire to give a fun and unique gift which stands out from everyone else’s. We knew to make something stand out and be truly appreciated, the gift needs tap into their emotions to make them feel special!


It's all about you!

Ring Collection candles were the perfect solution. Everything about this gift is designed to make you feel special! From the beautifully designed jar with textured ink for a quality feel to the perfectly fragrant candle. On the surface, the candle looks stunning.


A Surprise Inside

What makes the Ring Collection special is the ring hidden inside the wax. For a first timer, it's so unexpected and exciting that the unique experience is burnt into their memory forever.


The Candle

We focused on making each and every candle to the highest quality using all natural soy and premium fragrances. This means the Ring Collection is not just for gifts, the unique and fun experience of a Ring Collection candle becomes an added bonus as you use this candle on a daily basis to fill your home with irresistible aromas.